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WordPress is trying to tell me this is my first post, but I know that isn’t right. I’ve published over 2,000 of these things. My name’s Craig Martin and I’m the Managing Director of Indie Travel Media Ltd. Sounds pretentious, but it’s not really.

I’m 28, have huge hair, and travel around the world with my wife, Linda; who happens to be our Managing Editor.

At Indie Travel Media, we love new media and travel, and do our best to spend copious amounts of time playing with both. We have no full-time office staff at the moment, just a great collection of people around the world. Completely location independent. It’s fun.

This mini-blog is designed to help you see what we’re doing at Indie Travel Media Ltd — our highs and lows, our projects, and those projects we take on for awesome clients. There’s a chance to see what we can do for you, or you can just read through these pages and steal all our ideas. We’ll probably be able to execute them for you cheaper and more efficiently though, so if you like what you see, do get in touch.

We build online travel community, especially through blogging but also on other sites like Facebook. We create great content — written, spoken and video are all part of what we do. And we can build websites to showcase them all, too. We have excellent designers on board so if you need logos, PDF ebook design or anything like that … Well, let’s just say you want to flick us an email. Speak to you soon.

Business cards in time for TBEX

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